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The airport is situated in the Moravian Silesian region and within the Czech Republic it is also used by inhabitants of the neighboring Olomouc and Zlin regions.
Picturesque mountains, ancient monuments, various cultural events, excellent opportunities for sports and recreation as well as relaxation and endless parties – all this and more is offered by the three Moravian regions.
Moravia is strategically located and intersects two trade and traffic routes running in both the east-west and north-south directions. The former extends from Germany through Poland to Ukraine and continues on to Russia while the latter runs from Scandinavia through Poland to Austria and Italy. The region borders on Poland’s Silesian and Opole provinces and the Zilina region in Slovakia.
The Moravian Silesian region, a major center of cultural, social and business life, has seen a steady increase in its standard of living, an improvement in environmental standards, a wider range of housing options as well as more efficient road and rail networks. Furthermore, the region strives to increase its attractiveness to both Czech and foreign visitors and actively promotes tourism. As a result, Moravia has become an increasingly popular tourist destination priding itself on a number of locations included in the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage List.

Highlights of the three Moravian regions:

  • Moravian Silesian region – country’s most populous region
  • Large number of foreign investors
  • High concentration of urban areas
  • Highest concentration of spa resorts in the country, 13 overall
  • Museums, theaters, galleries, operas, philharmonics, festivals
  • Venues for hosting major sporting events and championships 
  • Countless cultural attractions and events
  • Over 306,000 tourists coming annually
  • Over 510,000 businesses within the airport’s catchment area

More information about the region you can find here.


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