Arrive with your own plane on NATO Days

People interested in arriving by their own plane (MTOW 2t and wingspan 15m max.) on NATO Days 2016 in Ostrava must obtain a slot for arrival and departure.

Applicant guidelines:

I. VFR slots for GA aircrafts
  1. Choose the appropriate date and time from our offer, so-called SLOT.
  2. Select the slot that is suitable for you by clicking the “take” button, then fill in the form and confirm by clicking on the “take” button, then write down your SLOT NUMBER, which you will report with.
  3. Indicate SLOT NUMBER in field 18 of your Flight plan.
  4. When flying in formation, state in the field REMARK of the form all formation aircraft type and aircraft´s identification.
  5. Keep strictly the slot time. There is strong need to have good navigation calculation in order to be on time.
  6. There is a mandatory requirement to have transponder on board when flying to Ostrava Leos Janacek Airport during NATO Days. If flying in formation, at least one of the formation airplanes has to have a transponder.
  7. Flights to/from non-schengen and non EU countries will be directed to the central apron.
II. Each slot has an identification consisting of your aircraft´s identification and slot number from the slot table.
Advice slot number to LKMT traffic controllers(either Ostrava Radar on 119,375 or Mosnov Tower on 120,8 – depending on your altitude). For example: "Mosnov TWR, OK LFA," Good morning OK LFA, go ahead" " Mosnov TWR. OK LFA, Cessna 152, position Vitkov, via WHISKY to your CTR, information Q QHH 1022 (according ATIS on 118,05), slot number 04".
III. Arrivals and departures
  1. Visitors parking stands are located on the grass, see picture.
  2. Exit RWY via temporary TWY Z (grass surface, see picture) There will be marshaller to guide you to your parking place.
  3. Exhibition area in walking distance from parking (300m).
  4. There is landing and handling fee of 500CZK. Please have a right amount of money. Receipt on request. After paying the fee, airport handler gives you an identification wrist ribbon.
  5. Ask immediately the handler for fuel. Arrange the exact refueling time with handling agent. There is AVGAS 100LL and JET A1 available.
IV. Procedures for arrival
  1. Plan flight to meet your slot. You are not allowed to land out of your slot time.
  2. Submit a flight plan to fly to LKMT and in field 18 state your slot number. If flying in formation, state in FPL field 18 all formations, aircraft types and aircraft´s identification.
  3. Fly in formation if applicable where only leader communicate with TWR and at least one of the formation aircraft is equipped with transponder.
  4. There is restricted airspace along the airport – read NOTAMs, see AIP SUPP and AUP.
  5. On top of regular fuel reserve, have fuel for additional half of hour of holding.
  6. Arrivals and departures perform according to VFR procedures and under the provisions of AIP ČR.
  7. Set Mosnov TWR frequency (120,8) well before entering the CTR in order to monitor traffic. Monitor and observe especially traffic over CTR entering points. Be aware of the possibility to tune Ostrava Radar (119,375 MHz).
  8. Listen ATIS on 118,05 before first radio contact.
  9. Do not contact TWR without allocated slot. You won't be allowed to enter TRA.
  10. Enter CTR via VFR enter points according to AIP CR page. AD 2-LKMT-16 §
  11. Expect holding over ALPHA and BRAVO CTR LKMT. Take into account the length of the RWY is 3500 m and width 63 m, expect exit RWY via TWY Z (opposite TWY B, see picture).
  12. Taxiing is controlled by TWR.
  13. Fuel and other requirements provide airport handling. Handling also gives all pilots and passengers identification ribbons.
  14. Anchoring only on your own anchors.
  15. IFR arrival is possible in time of your slot.
  16. In case of unserviceable TWY Z (rain) you will be possitioned on apron South.
V. Departure procedures
  1. Keep your DEP slot.
  2. Choose slot to get to your home airport before night if not with NIGHT qualification and having night equipped airport.
  3. Depart in slot time.
  4. If there is any complication with DEP contact handler. Director provides additional DEP slot. In this case expect delay.
  5. In case of bad weather, pilots are expected to wait for further information.
  6. VFR departure without FPL is possible. Slot for departure clearance is mandatory.
  7. Expect holding on ground.
  8. Add additional half an hour fuel for ground holding.

In case of changes in taken slots please contact us at:

Letiště Ostrava, a.s.

Letiště Ostrava, a.s.
742 51 Mošnov 401


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