NATO Day at the Ostrava Leoš Janáček Airport

The Ostrava Leoš Janáček Airport has just completed a successful 7th year of NATO Day, which was held on September 15th. This year´s show was attended by sixty thousand people. The program was very diverse; anybody interested could see examples of military, police and rescue equipment. A photograph of an Eurofighter Typhoon is shown here. Other photographs will be available shortly, and can be found in the photograph gallery on our website.


The day’s program consisted of presentations of heavy military, police and rescue equipment, dynamic examples of Special Forces training, aviation displays and presentations of armaments and equipment of the forces.

Visitors on the premises of the airport that day, were given the chance to see the latest generation of aircraft – the British Eurofighter Typhoon F.2, the Czech JAS-39 Griffin and the Polish air force F-16D Block 52.
The air forces of several states within NATO- Great Britain, the USA, Poland, Spain, the Federal Republic of Germany and, of course, the Czech Republic, participated in the NATO Day show. The height of the whole program was the display by an American pilot from the Viper East Demo Team in an F-16CJ Fighting Falcon supersonic jet plane. This was the sole performance by the team in Europe this year. Equally interesting was the display of a C-17 Globemaster III. Anyone interested could have a look from the outside and within at a four-engine KC-135R Stratotanker flying tanker.

The program could also be seen via on-line cameras and on the ČT24 live broadcast program.

Posted: 21.9.2007

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