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The airport is served by following bus lines:

Line 880 670 Ostrava - Mošnov, Airport nádraží - Nový Jičín


Line 910 333 Ostrava - Mošnov, Airport timetable
Line 910 331 Ostrava - Krmelin - Mošnov, Airport timetable
Line 820 150 Ostrava - Mošnov, Airport - Rožnov p. R. - Vsetín timetable
Line 880 632 Kopřivnice - Příbor - Mošnov, Airport timetable

The bus stop Mošnov, Airport for buse lines 910 333, 910 331, 820 150 and 880 632 is situated in front of the arrival hall. The bus stop Mošnov, Airport nádraží for bus line 880 670 is situated in front of the train station.

Ticket sales:
It is possible to buy bus tickets at the driver.


The airport is served by following train line:

Line S4 Mosty u Jablunkova - Bohumín - Ostrava - Mošnov, Ostrava Airport timetable

The train station is situated next to the departure hall.

Ticket sales:
Train tickets can be bought at the Ostrava information service in the arrival hall and on the train.

Credit card payment possible.

České dráhy, a.s.
Railway information: +420 972 762 555


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