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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are you interested in the allowed luggage weight?

The luggage allowance may vary according to different types of flights. On charter flights it is usually 20 kg, with regular flights the permitted weight is set by the carrier. More information about luggage, its weight and possibilities to pay for excess weight can be found here.

The maximum weight allowed for a suitcase

On charter flights the rule of adding weights applies, that means for example, that two people can have one common suitcase. In this case, however, the maximum weight for that piece of baggage is 32 kg. This restriction is in place due to handling. No luggage above this weight will be accepted for transport. More information on sizes and weights of luggage can be found here.

How to transport children’s pushchairs?

Children up to 2 years of age have the right to transport one pushchair free of charge. It is possible to have the pushchair at hand throughout all check-in and you have to give it away just before boarding the plane. In the same way the pushchair is given back to you first thing after landing at the final destination. More information on travelling with children can be found here.

What is allowed to have with you in the hand luggage?

The allowed weight for hand luggage is 5 kg, we recommend to transport all valuable things here, such as, documents, laptops, mobile phones, cameras, etc.
There are limitations on the transport of liquids and gels in the hand luggage. Exceptions are only for medicine for personal consumption and infant food necessary for the journey. More information on security measures can be found here.

Flight ticket prices

The prices are always determined by the carrier, not the airport. It is therefore necessary to find the carrier which operates the flight you want to take on the airport’s website and contact them directly. Contacts for each carrier operating from Ostrava airport can be found here.

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