As in previous years, between 18 and 20 September 2009, Leoš Janáček Airport will host Central Europe’s largest event dedicated to aviation, military and security equipment – NATO Days 2009. The objective of this event is to present the general public with a wide variety of equipment used by the Czech Republic and its allies in the area of national and international security.

The NATO Days full-day programme includes displays of heavy military, law enforcement and emergency response equipment, demonstration of training methods used by special units, aerobatics and aircraft displays, and presentations of the facilities and equipment used by the respective units. Nowhere else is it possible to see first hand all the advanced technologies and to witness top-notch skills demonstrated not only by the soldiers, fire fighters and police officers, but also customs officers, prison officers, municipal police and other elite units.



At the same time, the airport will become the venue for the International Aircraft Industry Exhibition ‘Air-In 2009’, which is dedicated to general aviation as well as airport, aircraft and avionics equipment. For more detailed information, click here.

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CCA (Central Connect Airlines) has a few special offers for passengers flying to Split, Croatia. 

  • 33 return tickets at CZK 2,990 including taxes and fees
  • Do you have an air ticket to the seaside from another airline company?
  • Air ticket from Ostrava to Split for CZK 1
  • 1 air ticket to Split + 1 air ticket to Vienna free

For more information contact reservation counter:
Tel/fax: + 420 597471466
Mobile: +420 739680634 or
Skype: cca_airport

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Those planning to travel to Croatia without a travel agent will be glad to hear about a new air service from Ostrava to Croatia’s Split. The new service will be operated from 25 June to 13 September 2009 twice a week on Thursdays and Sundays.

Return tickets start as low as CZK 4,300 including all taxes and fees.

For more information, visit

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