After Prague and Vienna, flights from Ostrava to Moscow will now take place. Representatives of the Ostrava Leos Janacek Airport, Moscow airport Domodědovo and the travel air company Polet Airlines have signed a memorandum on the common preparation and operation of a new flight route line between Ostrava and Moscow which should be commissioned within three months.

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On Saturday 17th May several thousand visitors took the opportunity to see some of what goes on in the background of the airport in Ostrava.
The sunny weather enabled the implementation of the entire prepared program and visitors could admire the only the new ČSA Airbus A319, and express great interest in the construction technology for the servicing of air-operating areas, the actions of the fire brigade, the work of the sniffer dogs e.g. searching for narcotics and predators, protecting the airport against small birds and the new large hangar for the service and maintenance of the planes.
There was great interest in the exposition prepared in the departure terminal, which illustrated the development plans of the airport over recent years.

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In Leoš Janáček Airport there was the training of security units within the National Security Program. The training was mainly directed towards the import and export of prohibited animals and plants, non-live exhibits, the ascertainment of narcotics and psychotropic substances, familiarization with explosives and the possibilities of searching for these.

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