On 24.9.2007 the CARGO TERMINAL at Ostrava Leoš Janáček Airport, situated on the south apron, was awarded its operating licence. The cargo terminal is intended for clearing cargo flights to and from Ostrava. Information released by the private investor ACO (Air Cargo Operations) suggests that it will start operating some time in November.

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The Ostrava Leoš Janáček Airport has just completed a successful 7th year of NATO Day, which was held on September 15th. This year´s show was attended by sixty thousand people. The program was very diverse; anybody interested could see examples of military, police and rescue equipment. A photograph of an Eurofighter Typhoon is shown here. Other photographs will be available shortly, and can be found in the photograph gallery on our website.


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A new bus – the Solaris Urbino 15, will ensure that the comfort and safety of travellers is improved as they move across the wide spaces of Leoš Janáček Ostrava Airport.

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