Reduced rate for landing fee of aircraft up to 3t MTOW

There is a possibility of discount from standard landing fee 300CZK / 1 t MTOW for operators with aircraft up to 3t MTOW. The amount of the discount depends on number of landings per given year:

Number of landings  Landing fee
300 minimally 75 CZK / 1t MTOW
600 minimally 50 CZK / 1t MTOW

Number of touch-and-go as well as full stop landings during training flights is also counted to the total number of landings during given year.

Any landing of operator’s aircraft with MTOW higher than 3t is not counted in the total number of landings per given year.

Discount from landing fee can be requested only for aircraft with MTOW up to 3t.

To determine the amount of landing fee each started tonne of MTOW is counted.

Double rate of landing fee is charged in case of night flights (flights between sunset and sunrise) as extra charge for runway lights.

A standard paper form has to be used to request a discount.

Operator who has no activity at LKMT during last year has the right:

  1. To ask for discount on the basis of declaration about intention to realize given number of landings. If this intention is not fulfilled although it arises from mentioned declaration the operator is obliged to pay the difference between standard landing fee 300CZK and its reduced fee to operator of LKMT (Letiště Ostrava, a.s.), or
  2. to ask for a discount when he realized the required minimum number of landings during the year of his start of operation at LKMT.

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