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Parking cheaply at the airport

Parking cheaply at the airport

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Denied boarding? Cancellation? Long delay? Lost baggage?

The Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport of the European Commission has implemented a number of legal regulations which guarantee that all passengers are provided with services in compliance with standards valid throughout the European Union. The leaflet, which is available for download below, lists some of passengers’ rights and entitlements set forth in the said regulations. They concern, in particular, the following areas:

  • People with disabilities and people with reduced mobility
  • Denied boarding
  • Cancellation
  • Long delays
  • Baggage
  • Identity of the airline
  • Package holidays
  • Price transparency

What should you do if you believe your passenger rights have been infringed?

If you consider that your entitlements under air passenger rights legislation have been breached:

  • You should first contact the airline or, for issues related to persons with reduced mobility, the airport.
  • If you are not satisfied with their response, you can lodge a complaint with one of the National Enforcement Bodies (NEB). Full details of all the National Enforcement Bodies can be found on the European Commission’s website:

NOTE: Complaints should in principle be filed in the country where the incident took place.

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