Discover the world. Fly via Warsaw

Discover the world. Fly via Warsaw

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Parking cheaply at the airport

Parking cheaply at the airport

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The airport’s catchment area covers the Moravian Silesian, Olomouc and Zlin regions of the Czech Republic, Southern Poland, and the north-western part of Slovakia. Some 5.9 million people live within a 90 minute drive of the airport.

Catchment area by country (120 minutes)

Czech Republic 3.6 mil = 42 %
Poland 4.4 mil = 51 %
Slovakia 0.6 mil = 7 %

Catchment area by number of inhabitants

30 minutes 0.8 mil
60 minutes 2.9 mil
90 minutes 5.9 mil
120 minutes 8.7 mil

The airport has a great potential for growth thanks to a large number of business enterprises and foreign investors present in the region. Over the past few years, the Moravian Silesian region has seen rapid economic development which is evident in the most of foreign investors operating in the region. In addition, many large companies are based in Poland and Slovakia.

Successful Investors in Moravian-Silesian Region

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