Discover the world. Fly via Warsaw

Discover the world. Fly via Warsaw

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Parking cheaply at the airport

Parking cheaply at the airport

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At what time check-in begins before a scheduled departure ?

Check-in of travelers and luggage (check-in) usually begins two hours before a scheduled departure time. This time can be changed, and, therefore, please become familiar with a respective airline rules.

What is the latest time I can come to a gate to be allowed to enter the board?

A time of the airplane doors closing depends on the airline. Will you become familiar with rules of a respective airline you travel with. We recommend you to come into a respective departure lounge 40 minutes at the latest prior to a scheduled departure time.

Can I book assistance for the airplane boarding?

Yes, you can book assistance already when booking your flight ticket, or you can order the PRM service (for persons with restricted mobility), tel. number: +420 597 471 136

It is necessary to report for check-in if we have a baby carriage and only hand bags?

Yes, it is necessary to appear in check-in of travelers and bags to be given a baby carriage tag.

Can I take a baby carriage on the board?

If you travel with a baby carriage, you can use it usually until a moment you are boarding. The baby carriage must be handed over in front of the airplane and the airport staff will arrange its safe placing in the luggage or another specified airplane space.

Are any baby carriage or seats fees charged by airlines?

Airlines acting at the Ostrava Airport transport baby carriages and seats free-of-charge. Some low-cost airlines charge fees for additional luggage transported mostly for the child needs during travelling, such as a child seat. You can find more detailed information at a respective airline.

I missed to print a boarding pass, can I print it at the airport?

If you travel with an airline that enables on-line check-in , travellers missing to print or forgetting to take a boarding pass shall pay a repeated check-in fee at the cash desk of a respective airline. Other airlines check-in a traveller and print him/her a boarding pass free-of-charge. Instead of that, you can have a boarding pass in the airline application in your mobile phone.

Is the Airport opened 24 hours a day?

Yes, it is, terminals are available to travellers 24 hours a day.

May I include cosmetics in my hand bag?

Yes, you may, however, due to security reasons, cosmetics volume may be 100 ml as maximum a piece. All creams, gels, hairsprays, deodorants, etc., are understood to be liquid objects, and their permissible volume is limited up to 100 ml a piece. All liquid objects transported in a hand bag subject to a security check should be inserted in a polythene , transparent and closable bag of the volume of 1 litre as maximum.

May I take something to eat and drink on the board?

Dry foods or cakes and pastries may be taken in your hand bag. All drinks are subject to a 100 ml volume limit a piece, and liquid objects transported in a hand bag have to be inserted in a polythene , transparent and closable bag of the volume of 1 litre as maximum.

How and where can I pay for a parking lot?

Parking can be bought in the departure and arrival lounge where parking meters are situated. Parking meters are situated also at the car parks P3 and P5. You can also pay at the information desk in the departure lounge. You can pay either by card or in cash everywhere.

Can a book a parking lot?

Currently we work on parking booking option, and you will be informed of this new service at our websites. Until that time, booking is not available.

Where can I park if I am a holder of a severe health disability card ?

Use the car park P1 in front of the departure lounge for short-term parking taking not more than 1 hour. Use the car park P5 for long-term parking.

Have I to pay a parking fee if I am a holder of a severe health disability card ?

1 hour parking is free-of-charge for holders of a severe health disability card; long-term parking is charged according to a tariff for a respective car park.

How to proceed if I only travel with a hand luggage?

If you only travel with a hand bag, and if allowed by your airline, you need not find a check-in counter, you can check-in on-line, or within a mobile application of your airline. With a boarding pass (either printed, or on your mobile phone) you can go directly to the security check.

I travel with oversized luggage; how to proceed in check-in?

If you are going to travel with an oversized or untypical luggage, we recommend you first of all to consult check-in directly with a respective airline (or travel agency in case of charter flights).A charge is imposed on such luggage. Preconditions for such luggage transport differ at particular airlines. Appear to a common check-in counter at the airport, and inform a present check-in clerk of your oversized luggage. The clerk will designate the luggage with a luggage tag, and you will carry such designated luggage to the oversized luggage counter number 13.

I travel with a little animal; how to proceed in check-in?

Little dogs and cats may usually travel in a special box directly on the board; bigger animals have to be checked –in and placed at the luggage space of the plane. Animal transport rules are governed by regulations applied in respective airlines, therefore, always contact your airline that will inform you of transport preconditions, limitation, species of transported animals, and transport price.

What is alowed weight of hand luggage?

Each airline sets up different preconditions for hand bag transport, therefore, always contact your airline.

What is alowed weight of checked luggage?

Each airline sets up different preconditions for registered luggage transport, therefore, always contact your airline.

May I have some drugs in my hand luggage?

Some exclusions from common preconditions regarding the liquids, aerosols and gels limitation on board apply to you if you need some drugs with you during a flight (or if you only travel with a hand bag). You may transport all drugs (needed during the flight) without any volume and piece number limitation, however, it is always necessary to report them to the security check clerks. We always recommend to have a doctor´s prescription or confirmation issued by a health centre, that can be required by a security staff .

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